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We are going to clean some house and removing all previous blog posts to make room for fresh ones.  Please feel free to send in your articles for 2017 and they will be posted.   Thanks everyone for contributing.


You could have the priciest furniture but there are some mistakes you could make that would make your interior design scheme fail to work. What are the most common mistakes and how do you avoid them?

While some element of matching is essential, it is easy to take this overboard. Rather than just match furniture and fabrics simply based on their colors, the right thing to do is to relate the two. Other than color, what else do they have in common such as history or style? When the matching is based on relation rather than color, you end up with a collected and sophisticated look.

You’ve probably been to one of those living rooms that are so crowded with furniture that it is almost impossible to move around. Rather than fill all the space with all manner of furniture, it is more gracious to buy a handful of good quality pieces of furniture and to leave enough space between the pieces to make it easy for people in the room to move around with ease.

You should also create some space between the furniture and the walls. Apart from looking better than a room whose furniture is pushed to the walls, you’ll also find that it becomes more kid-friendly.

The light fixtures that you choose play a central role in giving the room character. Ideally, the light in a room should be scaled to the size of the room. You must therefore resist the temptation to use too little light in a big room or to use too much light in a small room.

The most comfortable furniture will lose its allure when you use some of those common tiny and hard throw pillows. Even if you bought them with the furniture, you should consider replacing them with some huge, soft and overstuffed pillows – the kinds that make you feel like they are hugging you.
Misarranging furniture on a rug
A rug should be chosen with the furniture in mind and it is also important that the furniture on it is arranged properly. If you have a large rug, you could place all the furniture legs on it. However, if the rug is small, placing all the legs on it will diminish the significance of the rug. In a situation like this, just placing the front legs of the furniture on the rug will be fine.

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Greetings from the East


Trapp-LodgeIt is my honor to serve as your Worshipful Master for the year 2005. We have a fine group of officers for 2005. New additions to the line include Brothers Chris Span and Tom Storm who were raised in November and have already given their proficiency in December. Also returning are relievers Bob and Kevin who helped last year by participating in many meetings and Degrees as Stewards and Deacons. This year it will be official! That is a demonstration of zeal for the fraternity.

Thanks to all who were so helpful in making our installation success. A special thanks to Bill and Sandy for organizing the meal. It is so often that Sandy rescues us in the 11th hour with something we need to make a meal a success. She has helped us out on more than one occasion.

54888360As we start this New Year, we begin with goals for the growth of our lodge and the fraternity. Some of our goals include but are not limited to continuing membership expansion, fund raising, and family activities such as, a family cookouts and “guy’s night out”. We will be updating our lodge website and the trestle board. We will continue with some of the very successful events of years past such as family nights, the Christmas party, and The Order of the Rusty Nail. I would appreciate all input you may have on the things that we will undertake this year. I may be calling upon you in the near future for your expertise in planning and organizing some of these events.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite those brothers who we have not seen at the meetings in a while. Whatever the reason, please know you are missed and we look Trapp-Family-Lodge-Vermontforward to seeing you at our next meeting. Our meetings will be organized so that they will be succinct and informative. I would like to have the fellowship we share as Masons to be more prominent than some of the more mundane things. Bill has another great year of meals planned for all the brothers who come a little early for the meetings. With Bill’s direction, South Seminole will continue to serve the best food in Florida!

it is our goal as your new officers of 2005 to make our Lodge the place you will want to spend your free time. We want to combine the exuberance of youth with the knowledge and experience of age. The result will be a fraternity that will make everyone proud. – For those of you, who would prefer an electronic Trestle board, please let the Secretary know. It would save the Lodge lot money!